A Central Vacuum System consists of Three Main Elements:Central Vacuum System 

  1. An Extremely Powerful Vacuum Unit which is Located away from Living Areas of your Home such as a Utility Room, Cupboard, Under the Stairs or in the Garage where it can Be Used to Valet your Car.

  2. Ducting which runs from the Vacuum Unit to Strategically Placed Inlet Points Positioned Around the Property. *

  3. Finally a Light Weight Flexible Hose with On/Off Switch and Attachments, which Plugs into the Inlet Points to Provide Powerful, Effortless Cleaning.


* Installation is Very Simple. Just follow the Basic Installation Guidelines.  PRESS the DOWNLOAD tab Above for a Free Installation Manual or Call Free Phone 0800 783 6264 for a copy.

What Do I Need?

You Need to Consider the Following Basic Components for a Complete Central Vacuum System:

  • The Vacuum Power Unit -  see the Power Unit Descriptions for More Information
  • A Hose Kit - Different Lenghts with Attachments and Turbo Head
  • Ducting -  Inlet Kits provide Everything you Need
  • And finally Inlet Valves - Different Styles to Suit Each Room

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