Health Benefits


The power unit is usually installed in a secluded location within your property such as a garage, utility room or under the stairs. This combined with our extremely quiet vacuum machine (at 58 decibels) you can have a normal level conversation whilst stood next to the unit. And of course it is even quieter at the hose end where you can listen to your favourite CD whilst vacuuming.


Just plug the flexible hose into one of the inlets, push start on the handle and start cleaning! 

No more pushing, pulling, dragging or carrying your cumbersome vacuum machine around with you, making life so much easier.

Where is the sense in carting your whole vacuum machine around with you, everywhere you go? Not to mention the waste container, the waste you have already picked up and the regurgitated air you have just sucked up! A Vacuduct eliminates all of this, simple really!


Because of its superior cleaning and the fact that it exhausts outside of the living areas and not back in the room that is being vacuumed, you will find that you rooms will stay cleaner for longer therefore you will not have to vacuum so often saving you time.

You can even personalise your Central Vacuum System to better suit your needs with are range of tools and accessories.

Quiet Effortless Cleaning