So why is a Vacuduct so much better?

The Vacuduct Central Vacuum System is really powerful. A Central Vacuum motor can be as much as five times more powerful than conventional vacuum cleaners, so you can do a more thorough cleaning job. No more cables to trip over or untangle. The Vacuduct Central Vacuum System is ideal for the elderly or infirm too as the lightweight hose glides across the floor behind you. Best of all, all of the dust you pick up is removed to the power unit and the fine partials are vented outside.

The debris is collected in a large container, which will need emptying perhaps once or twice a year. You will no longer get the smell of re-circulated dust when you vacuum as the system has an external exhaust. If you fit an extra valve in the garage, you can use it to tidy up your workbench or vacuum the car.

Is it very difficult to operate?

No, using it is child's play. Just plug in the light weight hose and your ready to go, the on/off switch is conveniently placed at your fingertips on the handle.  Walls, ceilings, floors, upholstery, mattresses and curtains can all be cleaned as you go round the house. The deluxe hose comes complete with a light weight, telescopic wand so you can adjust the height to suit yourself. No more backache or bending. Cleaning has never been so easy. Imagine being able to clean the stairs from top to bottom, all in one go.

My child is Asthmatic; will a Vacuduct Central Vacuum System help?

Asthmatics and sufferers of respiratory ailments can benefit from a cleaner atmosphere. Because the dust and allergens are removed to outside the living area, your home becomes a cleaner, more hygienic environment. In modern draught proof homes, humidity is generally higher. Dust mites thrive in humid dwellings producing allergenic faecal pellets. Whilst some conventional vacuum cleaners may pick up these pellets, the small allergenic particles can pass through the filter, back into the room. Because a Vacuduct Central Vacuum System power unit is located away from your living room these particles are vented to the outside air.

If it's so powerful, it must be very noisy?

Installed in a secluded location, our Central Vacuum Systems are quiet, and some are even sound proof. In fact, some models are as quiet as 58 decibels at the unit, even quieter at the hose. So quiet you can listen to your favourite CD whilst vacuuming.

What happens if the ducting gets blocked?

As long as the ducting is installed and used according to our instructions, it will not get permanently blocked. The light weight flexible hose is slightly smaller (in diameter) than ducting and immediately behind each inlet valve is a trap. If the debris can clear the hose and trap, it will safely complete its journey back to the power unit.

Something this good must be expensive?

Surprisingly not so, for the average home a complete system will usually cost less than £850 + vat.  When you consider you'll only ever have to buy one Vacuduct Central Vacuum System don't you think it's a bargain?

How often will I need to empty the machine?

The large dirt collector fitted to the bottom of the Vacuduct machine usually needs emptying every three to four months. However you will probably find that for the first few months you will need to empty more frequently, possibly every 3 weeks. This is because the more efficient Vacuduct machine is picking up dirt that your old cleaner was leaving behind. Once this old dirt has gone emptying every 3 or 4 months is about the norm.