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Once again many thanks for your prompt delivery of the Vacuduct Kit. I fitted it in a day, as the leaflet said was possible. We are both delighted with the performance and power of the machine…

Mr J.B, Somerset.

 We are very pleased with our Vacuduct system: quiet in use and very effective. The car interior has never been so clean! (It’s my belief that car carpets are designed to weave themselves around grass and hairs)

Mr R.M, Cornwall

When the motor on our fourteen year old Central Vacuum System failed, and I discovered the original manufacturing company was no longer trading, I resorted to the internet. I quickly located Vacuduct, and was pleased to see a regional presence. On telephoning Vacuduct found the staff courteous and knowledgeable, and the initial contact was promptly followed up by a site visit and confirmation that Vacuduct had a product in their range which would provide a solution. Within a few days the new system was in place, with minimal disruption, and my wife and I were delighted to find that not only was the new machine more powerful but also quieter than the old. Easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and providing health benefits, I would happily recommend to anyone. One cannot over emphasise the benefits which Central Vacuum Systems deliver whether housed in a cupboard, garage, or wherever is convenient and out of the way. Thank You Vacuduct

A Marshall, Devon 

Following the instalment of the Vacuduct Central Vacuum System, I am writing to you to say thank you to Vacuduct for a job very well done, and which has brought me and, consequently the family, such benefit. The quality of life has improved no end. For many years I have struggled with Dust Mite sensitivity and found that the atmosphere in the home, and in other buildings, often made me feel very unwell indeed, especially if they had not long been vacuumed with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. The dust in the air, left behind by the vacuum cleaner, seemed to cling to my hair, my clothes, the curtains and the furniture, as well as settle on any, and all, flat surfaces. I despaired. Then my husband read about Vacuduct and decided to have it installed. What a transformation. Not only has my health improved enormously but, also, there is no dust to speak of after vacuuming with the Vacuduct Central Vacuum System. The atmosphere in the house is so much fresher and I feel so much better. My hope is that more people who suffer with Dust Mite Allergy and/or Asthma will be advised to invest in this most beneficial system. It’s truly a blessing


After several years I researched the possibility of having a Central Vacuum System installed in our house. My husband has asthma and I thought this would be very helpful to him, however most of the firms I researched were not able to do the installation, insisting that it would be a simple process to do ourselves. Vacuduct came up trumps as not only could they supply the equipment but would install as well. Soon after my initial call we were visited and inspected and within a couple of weeks we were installed. As this is an older property with very hard walls this was not the easiest of installations but this was carried out by excellent fitters with the minimum of disruption to walls, carpets etc. Now I am up and running and the system really works well, it is quiet, convenient to use, no heavy equipment to push or pull around and no power cable to trip over, all the dust etc being whisked away to the collection unit out of the house in the outside store. No dust bag to be emptied and cleaned almost every time as with a conventional vacuum, just very, very occasionally as it is so much larger. Also it is much quieter to use than the conventional very noisy vacuums. The Vacpan in the kitchen is much easier to use than a dustpan and brush and the bonus is that you do not even have to bend down to do this, very helpful if you are not quite mobile and bending is a problem.

The various interchangeable heads are excellent to carry out different tasks, cleaning crevices, dusting, removing spider’s webs, vacuuming soft furnishings etc and they are also very simple to change. My husband uses the unit in his garages for his collection of classic cars so finds that so much better than before especially as it does not stir up the dust and affect his asthma. The only problem I have found is coiling up the hose to store as it seems to have a life of its own but I now have an elasticated belt around it to keep it in place! All in all an excellent product and I do not know why new build houses do not have this system installed, it would definitely be an asset. I would definitely recommend Vacuduct. 

Marilyn, North Devon

Despite the slight hiccups en route the system is now up and running well - and it really picks up the dirt! After a thorough vacuuming at the end of last week I peeped into the dust container to find it almost a third full! My AEG cleaner now sits dejectedly in the corner, awaiting a new owner I suspect. 

Thank you for your help……

Mrs M.K, Bristol